What People Are Saying


“Courtroom Avenger is enthralling, the story of superstar lawyer Robert Habush, an iron-fisted, fearless, imaginative advocate with a big heart for his injured clients, with the determination to surmount every obstacle to assure they are compensated in the courts.”

– Joan B. Claybrook

Past President of Public Citizen
Former Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


“Bob Habush pulls punches neither in the courtroom nor in his book. Anyone interested in the work of the trial lawyer—the work at the heart of our justice system—will want to read this engaging and forthright account of his career and life. For more than fifty years, Bob Habush has done the hard work of a trial lawyer even as he has built a leading law firm and engaged in philanthropy. This book provides insight into not just Bob’s activities but these spheres of life more generally.”

– Joseph D. Kearney

Dean, Marquette University Law School


“Bob Habush’s story, as compellingly set forth in “Courtroom Avenger,” is a validation for those like me who believe the law is a noble profession. Bob Habush is legendary, the kind of lawyer that draws other lawyers to the courthouse to watch and learn. The cases recounted in this book reveal much more than just an outstanding practitioner. They show us a man with an unwavering devotion to justice and a willingness to stand up for the little guy. When I wanted the very best lawyer to represent the people of Wisconsin in the largest piece of litigation in state history against the massive force of Big Tobacco, I chose Bob. In that case, as in so many others, Bob came through. Not only individual clients, but generations of people have, and will, benefit from Bob’s great work.”

– Jim Doyle, Governor of Wisconsin, 2003-2011

Attorney General of Wisconsin, 1991-2003


“This book rings true reflecting the guts and drive of a man I have appreciated being allied with.”

-Russ Feingold

Former U.S. Senator, Wisconsin/b>

“Courtroom Avenger is a riveting biography of Bob Habush, a brilliant trial lawyer who was a pioneer in developing products liability law. The recounting of the cases that he tried will keep you on the edge of your seat. More important is the portrayal of a man who brings to every aspect of his professional life passion for his clients and moral indignation against those who treat them with wanton disregard. Not everyone can match Habush’s brilliance. But everyone, lawyer and non-lawyers alike, can learn what it means to be truly dedicated to others.”

– Aaron D. Twerski

Irwin and Jill Cohen Professor of Law
Brooklyn Law School


“I’ve known Bob Habush and marveled at his accomplishments for over 35 years. This informative and entertaining book reflects his enormous courage and dedication to his clients. His impressive list of trial victories for deserving clients have resulted in preventing harm to many others. Bob is a plain speaking trial lawyer who has shown total determination for justice for his clients. His ability to think quickly on his feet is combined with a wonderful sense of humor often about himself. This is a man I would want standing next to me in any worthwhile fight for justice.”

– Paul N. Luvera

Past president of the Inner Circle of Advocates
Member of the National Trial Lawyer’s Hall of Fame


“A must read for attorneys seeking inspiration for challenging litigation opportunities, and for the general public to understand how trial lawyers like Bob Habush have made our world safer for all of us.”

– Franklyn M. Gimbel

Founding partner, Gimbel Reilly Guerin & Brown
Past Assistant U.S. Attorney, Eastern District of Wisconsin

“Courtroom Avenger is the biography of Robert Habush — a warrior, a lawyer who has well earned his national reputation as a courtroom civil trial giant. Habush is not only a master of courtroom persuasion but also a visionary leader of the trial bar. In 1985 and 1986 he restructured the political policy of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (now the American Association for Justice) and aggressively defeated the first tort reform bill brought to the floor of Congress.”

– Russ M. Herman

Past President of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America
Diplomate of the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys


“Courtroom Avenger is a marvelous book that provides a riveting behind-the-scenes account of the trials, tactics and talents of one of America’s premier trial lawyers. It reads like a series of mini-Grisham novels – except that all the characters are real and the stories true.”

– Frank J. Daily

Product liability attorney
Retired Senior Partner, Quarles & Brady


“What a great story and phenomenal career. Bob Habush has had a huge impact on so many lives. He is a true champion fighter for the common man and those who have been wronged or been taken advantage of.”

– David Weil

Advertising Sales Manager, American Bar Association Publishing


“I only wish I had his talent!”

– John J. Kircher

Professor, Marquette University Law School