Robert L. Habush has won a lot of big trials in his long career as one the country’s leading personal injury lawyers, and now you can read a summary of his greatest hits in a new biography, “Courtroom Avenger: The Challenges and Triumphs of Robert Habush.”

The book, $39.95 in hardcover, was just published as part of an American Bar Association series. It is written by local author and Milwaukee Magazine editor Kurt Chandler.

It’s a hagiographic authorized account of Habush’s life. Sections frequently begin with lines like, “Habush’s indomitable pursuit of excellence applies to he his every endeavor,” or “A courtroom cross-examination by Habush has caused many in the witness stand to break out in a nervous sweat.”

But in his career, Habush, 78, has rung up the kind of accomplishments that lets him talk the talk, because he has walked the walk many times. Yet he still sounds, at times, like the young lawyer with a chip on his shoulder and with something to prove for the entire plaintiffs’ bar facing criticism from big corporate interests.