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The Challenges and Triumphs

of Robert Habush

In this new addition to the acclaimed American Bar Association’s Lawyer Biography Series, author Kurt Chandler paints a profile of prolific Wisconsin trial lawyer Robert Habush, of Habush Habush and Rottier. For over 50 years, Habush has represented the Davids of the world against Goliath interests. This is his story.


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It’s a
hundred-year war…

“…there’s not going to be an armistice. There’s not going to be a peace treaty. As long as I’m drawing breath I will get even, I will make them pay: the malpracticing doctors, the defective manufacturers, the companies who sell unsafe products. That’s the way I am. There’s no forgiveness in my heart. There’s no turning the other cheek. There never was and there never will be.”

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What people
are saying

“Bob Habush pulls punches neither in the courtroom nor in his book. Anyone interested in the work of the trial lawyer—the work at the heart of our justice system—will want to read this engaging and forthright account of his career and life…”
– Joseph D. Kearney 

Dean, Marquette University Law School